Exchange rate: 1 ZEC = 26.88686 USDT

min.: 220 ZEC max.: 53017.3475073 ZEC

min.: 5915.1092 USDT max.: 1425470 USDT

min.: 220 ZEC
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The application is processed automatically. The final rate is fixed upon reaching 100 confirmationson the network and taking into account two additional minutes from the moment funds are credited to the service balance. Recalculation of orders goes only in the direction of decline. If quotes decrease by more than 0.2% on the WhiteBit exchange, the automation changes the exchange rate in favor of the exchange office to 1.5% of the market rate of this exchange.
In this direction, the service adheres to AML policy. Transactions with High Risk risk will be suspended until the identity is clarified.

min.: 5915.1092 USDT

example: TBECcX9RmeYLx6jRK6dsofNPXmtSno3Kvg

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