Exchange rate: 1 LTC = 6740.56 RUB

min.: 5 LTC max.: 16.39923092 LTC

min.: 33702.8 RUB max.: 110540 RUB

min.: 5 LTC
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Payout after 10 confirmations.
If within 35 minutes the funds do not come to our account, and the Litecoin rate decreases, then we reserve the right to recalculate
IMPORTANT!!! In most cases, the service decides to make a payment by SBP, your phone number in the application must be reliable and linked to the card. In case of violation of this rule, we are not responsible for the loss of funds!
When filling out the card number in the application, our service automatically determines the ISSUING BANK that issued the card. Even when translated using SBPthe payment will be made correctly. Exactly to the bank that owns the card.
*In this direction, the service adheres to AML policy. High risk transactions will be frozen.

min.: 33702.8 RUB

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